Our story.

In 2019 multi-award-winning hairdresser Angelo Vallillo faced a health scare with cancer. Following treatment, he sought a healthier lifestyle - changing the pace he was living, his diet and also the products he was using. During his journey to better health his close friend Kiran, introduced him to Ayurvedic medicine - a practice deeply ingrained in Kiran's family heritage.  
Impressed by Ayurveda’s benefits, Angelo incorporated it into his salon work. Leveraging his two decades of experience with some of the world's most renowned professional hair products, he aspired to take a more natural approach, using Ayurveda superfoods to create hair products without compromising on quality and performance. 
With consistent feedback from clients of all hair types, Angelo developed the Shanti range— superfood for your hair made from 97% natural ingredients, blending Ayurvedic wisdom with professional salon performance. 
Angelo believes in the connection between your lifestyle, products, and health, a philosophy underpins Angelo's commitment to offering a holistic and health-conscious approach to haircare through the Shanti range.

  • 3x winner at the British Hairdressing Awards
  • Global Creative Director
  • Worldwide Educator
  • Creative Director consultant for international brands
  • 7 years Fashion Week team member
  • Business Thinker of the Year winner
  • Salon Stylist of the Year (3x winner)
  • Product developer